Celebrate the woman that you are today and everyday

Today the world celebrates you — I celebrate you everyday. I celebrate your ability to rise in spite of all that has been thrown at you — In spite on all that you carry — you rise with the certainty of a rising sun with a glow that awakens all around. 

To rise is to connect, connect to the primal wisdom we carry in the depths of our wombs. Connect to that which we all celebrate today — the woman that is you. Connect to her fully — to her light, the shades of colors between your black and white. Clouds will be in the way — you see nature has so much to teach us — but without a doubt, your light will always be needed, especially in the darkest and cloudiest of days. Still we rise — lighting the sky with fiery love and passion.

In conscious connection, we strengthen — from the strength of the core we ROAR. Listen to this power within and the strength of her guidance — for what you seek is also seeking you. In listening, vision, for we have the freedom to choose to ascend and rise from our circumstances and actualize our highest selves.

To connect is to make time. Time to watch the sunrise and see self reflected in the brimming colours of this daily marvel. Time to connect to your body — the vessel that holds you. Check-in — how is your energy? What is your body communicating? A need to rest? To be conscious of the fuel you consume and those that don't serve? Time to connect with your spirit — give it a name that it might take flight. Connect with your mind — write down your plans to unclog pores filled with anxiety.

Make time because life is an active space of creation. 

Happy Women’s day — today and everyday, celebrate yourself with the gift of time.