My Truths

Hearing my truths has been and continues to be a journey, each step more divinely guided than I could have ever imagined, always marked by key moments and experiences that shape me and my path. Once heard, the truth is clear and the guidance true. 

Two years ago in the mountains of Peru, on the back of an extended retreat, I was held by 9 sisters as I shook and cried at the recognition of a truth that was calling to me, to leap.

Ixchel, a most treasured guide who was holding this sacred space of sisterhood shared these words, “You keep getting that same message… what are you afraid of giving up my sister? Remember how alive you feel in this moment, you have never felt more alive! The fear will always come in, when you see it, walk through it, that you may be free, that you might know what it feels like to be free falling from a cliff. Can we feel that alive in every moment because only then can we be free and inspire others to be free.”

It took me two years to heed this call and let go of my illusion of control and follow my deepest calling to flow. Knowing that my every step is guided and on this path lies a life that is the fullness of self. 

I saw Ixchel again last week, this time in Portugal and in my final days at the World Economic Forum. We had spent a magic-filled four days curated around the summer solstice, exploring the wisdom of tribe, sharing prayers, music, dance, friendship, food, and the medicine of love. The experience was full of love, the love full of light, the light full of grace, the grace full! 

On the last day, Ixchel held me, sharing prayers as we parted ways, ending with these words, “You did it, you leapt”. Hearing her words, I wept. 

Sharing with you my lessons and guides in this journey of leaping, a weave of experiences lived and wisdom learned, so that you might uncover your truth.

    •    trust, trust, trust, we are held, and our trust is the fan to the flame of destiny.

   •    watch your internal balance, your thoughts, your peace, what you are eating, you are the vibration epicenter and the stronger you are, the more you can reach beyond the veil and to eternal wisdom within. 

    •    your thoughts have power, as do your words, and your actions, each ignite a vibration that ripples in endless continuity. Be conscious of that which you are manifesting. 

    •    we are creators. We can manifest reality into being. You attract that which you fear, you attract that which you dream of. 

    •    music music music, surround yourself with healing sounds. Find your own music, we all have it in us. Music has the power to heal self and others. 

    •    find your dance, the physical activity that moves you, connecting your mind, your spirit to the physical sensation of the body. Dance your dance. 

    •    do not judge, starting with self. 

    •    heaven and hell, light and darkness exists within us, and the key for me in various moments of struggles, is how quickly I return to center without judgement and with a clarity of that which does not serve me. (this continues to be a prayer for me as I find I oscillate easily between anger and pain and joy and peace and within this dance, I lose so much energy before I find again my center)

    •    allow emotions to flow through in movement; in grounding into the earth; in conscious release — let emotions flow, always without judgment, rather with an awareness and a release. I have found that consciously letting go prevents stuck energy which either blocks my flow or is dumped/projected on another. 

    •    forgive yourself. Forgive others. There is power in this.

    •    anything you are holding on to will hold you back. Find all spaces in your life that there is something that isn't forgiven. Go into the discomfort of confrontation to liberate yourself.

    •    water is such a powerful teacher. a mantra of mine, ‘I am water’… flow, weave your divine magic. I flow, I hold, I am held.

    •    bless others. Be your sisters and brothers keepers.

    •    hold space for others, be held by others, this is the beauty of community and of tribe.

“The cycle of independence and autonomy has moved so far away from the way we have lived. Souls are crying from the deepest place in their core for the truth to live tribally and support each other and experience true family. Not people who care what we do for a living but people who see us beyond everything, even when we don't see ourselves. People who see the truth inside of us and sing it out of us.” Ixchel

    •    men hold space for women, women hold space for me. We hold space for one another. Women are hurting so cannot hold space for their men. men are broken as not held and they are not holding their women. Women need to be whole to hold men, men need to be healed to hold women. When neither can hold the other from a place of strength, things fall apart as the center is not held.

    •    in partnership, in relationship, hold space for each other to grow. One key practice to always be present for one another, this means to listen, to support, to love. This is currently one of my key practices. 

    •    connect with nature, the ants, the trees, water (take care of her!!), be aware of waste, be the protectors and champions of this land that we have ‘dominion’ over. We are more than we have allowed ourselves to be vis-à-vis our fellow plants, animals and men. 

    •    be in nature. Take time to ground. put your hands in the earth. Your feet in the grass. Nature grounds you.

    •    dance around the fire, sing your prayers to the wind, seek water, honor trees, like many before us have done. In this sentence I am conscious of the fear that you might feel in your heart should you, like I am, be from a conservative religious upbringing that might judge such practice as pagan. My experience in finding God is that there is no wrong way to truth.

    •    connect with your ancestors. Bless and heal the mistakes of the past, the wrongs that were never righted and pray for the guidance of those who walk beside you. I have come to know the guidance of connecting with my late mother, and in this, writing her story.

    •    in all things, in all situations, with every breath, give thanks.

    •    give thanks for your challenges and your pains. “How would you realize that you have the power to heal yourself, if you weren't first given these wounds that require your healing?” - Yaiya

    •    remember who you are. You might catch glimpses in the broken fragments in seeking wholeness — in those moments, know that the piece is part of the whole, that the piece is the whole — water, DNA strands, atoms, molecules, seeds all teach us this. Do not deny the pieces you see, and within it, see the fullness of your being.

 •    there are many tools to help us on the journey of remembering — my key ones have been writing; praying; plant medicines; music and dance as within as much as without; letting go of fear by facing various fears (mine, for example, is to dive into water this summer); compassion and forgiveness (you never know what the other is carrying); creative spaces; silence; love of partner and all my families (eternal gratitude to Global Shapers family for the love and guidance of the last years); being kind with myself and with others (a true work in progress); finding physical strength through lifestyle choices. So much gratitude to grow to love my body (sooooo important to love the very vessel that holds you); meditation in all its forms of presence and mindfulness. All of these have guided me on this continued journey of finding my truth and piecing the broken fragments of the shattered mirror back together to gaze upon the beauty of God that is.

    •    in knowing, radically be yourself, be authentically you. Your truth, and with it, your happiness is medicine for others.

    •    trust and in trusting, listen, and in listening, heed, and in heeding, share truth.

Deep learning comes from experience. So while my words might ring true to you, be present with experiences that test and strengthen you on this journey of yours. On this journey of ours, knowing that no one in the whole world can bring the things you are meant to bring through. Your magic is solely needed. You have all the guidance you need, all you have to do is listen.

A friend and Shaman shared these words that I share with you: ‘Humans are seeking a spiritual experience and spirit is seeking a human experience’. May you always meet your spirit in the dance of life and know you have all the support you need to live your destiny and your truth. 

On this eve of my leap, I know this piece and its lessons are as much for me as they are for you, and I am so grateful for the guidance of your love and our sharing in this journey. Grateful for all that is. 

Monte Mariposa, Portugal

Monte Mariposa, Portugal