What is Love?

What is Love?

Seated in the cocoon of home, having just returned from a two week trip, a vacation across multiple oceans, and seas of lovely and loving experiences of weddings, old friends, new friends, full moons, family, inspirations, largely phone-free days, new life in the form of my nephew, love reunited, pains explored, body overfed and exercised in open waters, rolling hills, neighborhood walks, and and sun soaked air. I feel full of life and full of love, and always in the spirit of sharing, I write. 

What is Love for me?

Love is pausing to feel my nephew breathe into my body. Love is giggling. Love is to abdicate the role of judge. Love is taking moments to send love. Love is giving thanks to the earth that feeds us. Love is unmasked rebellion. Love is unmasking fear. Love is confronting anger. Love is breathing peace to ease pain. Love is letting go. Love is sharing! Sharing burdens, sharing joys, sharing highs, sharing lows. Love takes you on the ride of your life. To the ends of the spectrum of emotions — sensations that never felt so strong, of both connection and loss. Of bliss and sadness. For love encompasses all. Love is embracing all. Love allows us to come together no matter what to work through our pains. Love smiles at us in these tough times. Love fills crevices, holes, opens up depths untold. Love is lived. Love explodes, it shimmers, it glows.

Contracted, it gathers energy from within and from without to burst forth a million pieces, pillars that act as support for love that is never ending, ever growing, all soothing. Beaming eyes, love is the winged caress of spirit, the stillness of my reflection. Love is the flame of new beginnings, the fires of the Phoenix, the whispers carried by the wind — a breath a fresh air. Love is the lingering smile on your face. Love is listening to the needs of my body without judgement, without regret. Love is recognizing love; love is giving thanks for love; love is goosebumps, energy exploding from within. Love is dancing under the sun; howling to the moon; gracing smell with a smile and gracing self with smile. Love is the blossoming petals of a flower. Love is birthing life, birthing self, nurturing self, to nurture others, to merge with the circle of life. Love is team. Team is love. 

Love is…

What is Love for you?