Daily lessons shared in a simple way

Daily lessons shared in a  simple way

Lessons of Week 1

Life is hard, challenging, complex, joyful, painful, lonely, and everything in between. By design, each moment is pregnant with the possibilities of the next with each moment of every day building on the other. I have found strength in being conscious within these moments as an opportunity to learn — from what worked, what didn’t, and what could have been. My hope for this year is to capture and share my daily reflections that they might serve you on this journey of ours that is life. 

Sunday, January 1: Life is unpredictable. Do not underestimate her ability to change and to morph. As we don't know and can’t control the future, focus simply on knowing and mastering self. You are the one constant. Your true north in the flux will be your true north in the calm. Don't lose yourself to the flux. Remember that you are the captain of this ship, and as there are sunny days, so are there stormy ones, each succeeding the other with the ease. Stay true.

Monday, January 2: We, albeit evolved, are animals. As birds know to migrate, our intuition is our compass to navigate life. Tune into your animal and give your intuition power. It is faithful, and will lead you to self. Trust and be strong in your listening. Your breath is your vehicle as is the knowing that you are guided.

Tuesday, January 3: Just start! Whatever it is, just start! There can be no 2nd edition without the 1st. A —> B —> C —> D. Your starting gives the universe an avenue to guide, teach and grow you.

Wednesday, January 4: Own your emotions. Don't judge self as too [fill in the blank]. Don't allow others to judge you and engage in a cycle of reacting as opposed to one of directing. So what if you are defensive? Own self first to self. this allows you to own self with others.

Thursday, January 5: Don't lose sight of the big picture of your life and your purpose — which starts with your authentic self. No one and nothing defines you. You are ever changing with everyday bringing a new learning. Simply be, knowing you are strongest in the fullness of your person, and that only you can steer your life in the direction of your purpose. Stay true.

Friday, January 6: What are your needs? Know and communicate them first to self and to others. Serve your needs that you can serve others. Learn to hear and read between the lines for self and for others, tuning out the noise and tuning into the essence.

Saturday, January 7: Sit with your sadness. Do not wish her away. Don't become sadder because you don't want to be sad. Simply sit with it and observe her true roots. It helps to heal.

‘I am because you are. You are because we are.’