Key ingredients from the Cookbook of life

Key ingredients from the Cookbook of life

Life is a steaming pot of nourishing goodness that is enjoyed best with others. The ingredients are the experiences and lessons you bring to the table, and you are the creator — the master chef of your life.

Guiding philosophies

  • You can follow a recipe, or create your own recipe as guided by your inner compass
  • No matter your approach, you are the creator and nothing happens without your action
  • All ingredients have their role and compliment each other. Together we are.
  • Fresh, as close to the source as possible, is best. Nature is a most trusted guide enriching all experiences
  • Timing is important. There is a right time for everything
  • Check in frequently on your cooking. Awareness is key
  • Trust your intuition
  • Use all senses in balance
  • Patience and dedication pay
  • No two meals will taste the same. We all have a unique fingerprint, embrace yours, manifest your unique gift.

The key ingredient

Starts with You

You are at the core of your experiences, morphing, evolving with life. Know self and that you are enough. Those voices in your head that tell you that you are not good enough, know their timbre and know that they are untruths, the trappings of your mind. You have everything you need. Engage with your shadows, and journey to the other side of your fears. It is in your fulness of self that you can reach your boundless promise. 

One approach to breaking down the above journey is to be aware of self as a complex matrix of  mind, body, soul, towards deepening awareness of each of these components. 

Mind: Pursue your interests. Explore new genres of books, film, art, music. etc. Surround yourself by people and conversations that inspire you. Stay informed. Expand your learning edges. Make time to reflect on learnings. On this journey, It has been key for me to acknowledge how little I know and as such to make a daily habit of learning something new about life, self and us in relation.

Body: Explore the possibilities of your body to grow, strengthen, stretch, expand…there is a whole world to be discovered but only if you engage starting with listening to the needs of your body. It has been an important shift for me not to approach my physical fitness as a means to an end —   to be skinny —  rather it is an opportunity to explore the potentials of my body, pushing my limits, and embracing the marvels of unlimited discovery of self. Be conscious of the barriers that prevent you from your goals, and slowly, patiently and with intent eliminate them. 

Soul: Create quiet spaces of connection and introspection. My media have been in journaling, meditation, walking, dance, rowing, swimming, seating in silence without interruption etc.. Find your quiet and listen to the beautiful symphony that is within you.

We have the power to create, and we are guided on this journey. You know that thing you have always wanted to do? Pay attention to this voice and get to it! Embrace your guidance. 

Spice it up

To top it all up with sprinklings of positivity. Give gratitude. You are enough. Just be. Thoughts matter. Your ideas are valid. Be kind starting with yourself. Value your values. Love. Friendship. Hugs. Dancing. Laughter. Music. We are one.

And voila, the soup that is life takes shape.