Daily Life Lessons shared in a simple way

Daily Life Lessons shared in a simple way

It is my hope as always that my own reflections and personal growth might propel you on your path.

Lessons of Weeks 2 & 3

Sunday, Jan 10: In all things make time to give gratitude. Heeding the call to keep a gratitude journal is work in progress.

Monday, Jan. 9: The journey is everything. Be conscious of it and the magic you manifest with each breath especially the conscious ones.

Tuesday, Jan. 10: What is the container in which anyone can place their bet on you? Know what you offer - your clarity will help others support your path. (sharing the words which inspired this and so much more)

Wednesday, Jan. 11: Be like water which slowly wears obstacles away. Water holds compassion and gentleness as well as power. Water, expands, contracts, flows, adapting to its environment. Water simply is. 

Thursday, Jan. 12Take time to reflect on the wonderful moments of the day. It will propel you.

Friday, Jan. 13Reclaim your happiness. Do you have that one person that annoys you? I am finding that it is because I let them. Break the cycle by not allowing anyone to hold you back from your balance. Try not to see the worst in people, but how we are but reflections of each other. Reclaim your happiness, and approach your biggest adversaries, starting with that within you, with disarming and authentic kindness. 

Saturday, Jan. 14Don't be afraid of challenging times that test your relationship! They help greatly to build the backbone of resilience needed to thrive as you learn to be there for each other, for better and for worse. Don't be afraid of conflict, don't block it out or wish it away, rather go through difficulties knowing that therein lies the path to growth.

Sunday, Jan. 15: As long as there is love, as long as there is respect, as long as there is trust, everything else is an opportunity to build and to grow. Learning never ends and as with those long hours sitting in class/cramming for exams, the process can be as painful as it's rewarding. 

Monday, Jan. 16: In the heat of stress, beware of the human ability to fuel stress simply because the train is already in motion. Beware of these moments of heightened anxiety and the real possibility that it might be of your own creation.

Tuesday, Jan. 17Ask and you shall receive. Miracles are amplified when we are aware of the dots connecting and destiny unfolding. Furthermore, don’t be afraid of the depth and breadth your dreams, there is power in feeling into them, and trusting that if you can think it, it will be. Your manifestation will be.

Wednesday, Jan. 18Be happy for the success of another, draw strength from one another, and know that our strengths build on each other. We are not in competition and we are strengthened in our unity. As in the inside, so on the outside, unity starts with self.

Thursday, Jan. 19Know that which you contribute to people and go into a room not wanting only what you can get but that which you can give. *Watch what you eat. importance of healthy eating and letting go of processed sugar. If only it were so easy, but a clear message for me. 

Friday, Jan. 20: No matter how inadequate we feel, no matter how unworthy we might feel, know that it’s your fear speaking and remember that someone else is looking up to you. You are someone’s Hero-ine! 

Saturday, Jan. 21: Catch the narratives that don't serve you and let them go. As we are wired to quarrel with each other, we can also get into conflict with ourselves. Catch your negative spirals, with self and with others. 'As in the inside, so reflected on the outside.'

Sunday, Jan. 22: Stand strongly in your power! Your voice is needed! The world is at a crossroads and we are the guardians of change. ‘Stand in the center, do the work, be the change.’

Fired up! Ready to Go!