When last did you let your being roar?

When last did you let your being roar?

When last did you hear the symphony of the music of your roar — without fear, without inhibitions, without limits.

When last did you allow yourself the unlimited possibilities of expression?  — the full body of our roar. When last did you let your being roar?

It starts with knowing your unique sound, your fierceness, your gentleness, your dance, and the freedom in the fullness of your being. This is your roar. In knowing, explore the colors of your anger, the crescendos of your tears, the shrill of your irritation, the squeals of your happiness, the depths of your desires, and the vastness of your dreams — all are our songs, and there is freedom there. Know them all, without judgement, without intent of control, simply feel into them. In knowing there is guidance.

Writing from my village Agulu in the southeast of Nigeria at the event of my sister's wedding. An Igbo traditional wedding in this season, with the dry Harmattan heat, large family, and the stress that is hundreds of guests, my being was was tested by the sheer noise of emotions.

At this and all emotional junctions, I close my eyes and go within, breathing into a smile that greets my inner voice. The sentiment —  I am ready to connect. The question — what's going on? The guidance —I feel you, I hear you, I trust you, and I give gratitude.
And with this, simply be. Allowing the roar to flow through knowing that therein there is learning.

In knowing and in the freedom of being, there is great guidance.

The new year beckons us not to play small, but to welcome our infinity and without fear to roar our music, roar our dance, embrace the unknown that is supported when we know self in the face of life's many experiences. In knowing, listen, learn and expand.

A million songs, a million tongues — we are united by the unlimited possibilities of our individual and collective roars. Go ahead, let your being roar! If not now, then when.
'I am because you are. You are because we are.'