Hot Water

Hot Water

Allow me to introduce you to my inspiration of tonight, the acceptance of my loving and ever deepening relationship with hot water.

A love like this could also be yours.

Don't believe me, boil yourself a kettle, fill your mug with nothing else but water, seat back and enjoy.

This is a love letter.

Your beauty starts with the sound you make filling my mug with your steamy flow.

Delicately, embracing the air, you give gratitude with your rolling dance .

I patiently await the end of your salutations.

When your flames are reduced to a gentle cloud, only then do I pick you up, daintily tasting your readiness.

Only then do I drink, enjoying the journey of your heat echoing in the caves of my mouth rolling down to the pits of my stomach.

Your taste, one with mine, is magnified by your heat.

There is no sweeter taste in the world than tasting life itself, water, in its most magnified and soothing form.

Eternally grateful for the discovery that was you which happened in Beijing, stagnated in four cities between and was re-earthed in Geneva with its alpine waters, us, blooming in the full glory of our love.